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Stretch Ceiling Wall Decoration – Stretch Ceiling Models

Stretch ceiling wall decoration
Stretch ceiling wall decoration

Which is very stylish for you stretch ceiling and wall decoration We will give information about. Stretch ceilings are stylish and aesthetically demanded products. There are quite a lot of stretch ceiling models. Another name for stretch ceiling models is barisol ceiling. We will write the names of these models for you.

Stretch Ceiling Models

Stretch ceiling models vary according to the place to be applied. We will write the names of the models suitable for these places.

  • Mirror stretch ceiling
  • Acoustic stretch ceiling
  • Lacquered texture stretch ceiling
  • Digital printed stretch ceiling

Just stretch ceiling wall decoration are some of the models. There are many more stretch ceiling models.

Digital Printed Stretch Ceiling Models

It is a stretch ceiling model applied by applying UV printing technique. The type of fabric it is made of is the luminous texture stretch ceiling fabric. The feature of UV printing technique is a printing that does not fade for a long time. It does not fade for a long time. You can use the digital printed stretch ceiling model on your ceiling for many years without fading and it maintains its usual vitality. It does not form bacteria in any way.

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Lighted Stretch Ceiling Models

It is a model widely used in lighting systems. The biggest reason for using this model is that it prevents too much light consumption. In addition, it saves light and creates a very stylish and decorative look around.

Lacquer Stretch Ceiling Models

Lacquered stretch ceiling feature provides a stylish design to the space used with its bright and smooth appearance. Especially the areas where it is used are narrow areas. In the light system of lacquer stretch ceiling models, spot lighting and chandeliers are generally preferred.

Mirror Stretch Ceiling Models

The surface using the mirror stretch ceiling model is bright as a mirror. It is different than other stretch ceiling fabrics. Their difference is that they are thicker and very bright. The fabrics in these ceilings are different from other fabrics. Fabrics used in mirror stretch ceiling models do not stretch too much. It provides a perfect depth to the applied area. It looks a bit like the lacquer stretch ceiling model.

We told you it looks like a lacquered stretch ceiling, but the biggest difference between them is that the number of colors is low. Lacquered ger ceiling models have more color while the mirror stretch ceiling wall decoration The colors of the models are more limited.

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