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Extraordinary Kitchen Wall Ideas for Decorative Spot

kitchen wall ideas

When it comes to a kitchen, which we also often call it the hub of the house, it has a very important role because we prepare the daily meals there almost every day. Just like other rooms, decorating a kitchen can be very tricky especially the small one. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t get a captivating kitchen.

Just because a kitchen is a place that gets dirty easily, you can distract people’s attention to another spot. In this case, the spot that we refer to is the wall. Optimizing an empty wall in the kitchen by decorating it with some stuff is a great choice. Filling up the empty wall whether, with wall decor items, small appliances or other stuff is a good choice. You can both have more storage and decorative wall at the same time.

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For your inspiration, we have compiled tons of kitchen wall ideas that will make your kitchen wall looks more lively and useful!

Best Kitchen Wall deas

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Decorative Spices Wall

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Decorative Spices Wall

Show people that you are the chef in the house by displaying all your cooking weapons outside. Make floating shelves for spices and other bottled ingredients like salt, sugar, pepper, chili powder, coffee beans, and others. This idea also a good option if you are the type who often forgets and busy looking for the one that you need.

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Hang Them Well

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Hang Them Well

For bigger appliances like a soup ladle, frying pan, frying spatula, and other big utensils, use a wire wall grid to hang them on by using some hooks. You can also use it to hang some teacups or other stuff that you use often. By using this method, you can easily spot utensils you need and make them look more organized.

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Optimize All the Spot

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Optimize All the Spot

Usually, there is an empty spot behind the door that you can use for various things. Just like other ideas, use the wall as a spot to hang various utensils and appliances. It will be easier for you to spot the tool you need yett it still looks organized. Another idea to optimize an empty wall is by using it as a command center or board to let the other family members know what to do or need in the kitchen.

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Eye-Catching Wall Decoration

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Eye-Catching Wall Decoration

Showing off all of your favorite cooking essentials can be a great wall decor that attracts people’s attention. If you feel that your kitchen is full and stuffy, it means that you need additional storage. However, on the contrary, bulky storage like cabinets or shelves can make it feels more stuffy. For alternative ways, use the corner of the kitchen as open storage for both floating shelves, hooks, and wall grid.

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Simple Floating Shelves

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Simple Floating Shelves

Whether it’s a professional work or DIY, filling up an empty space with floating shelves is the simplest way to optimize it. By having floating shelves, you can save more money since you don’t have to buy another shelf for small things. It’s also a simple way to organize some stuff based on your needs and the amount of space.

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Colorful Shelves

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Colorful Shelves

Floating shelves are a common feature that many people use in every room include a kitchen. Instead of filling the shelves with some kitchen utensils or appliances, fill it up with your favorite things or hobby. It can be books, figurines, paintings, potteries or just simply decor items.

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kitchen wall ideas 11

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Keep scrolling down for more amazing and striking kitchen wall ideas!

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kitchen wall ideas 13


kitchen wall ideas 14


kitchen wall ideas 15

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kitchen wall ideas 17


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kitchen wall ideas 19


kitchen wall ideas 20

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Those are kitchen wall ideas that you can use as a reference to optimize the empty spot. By optimizing empty wall in the kitchen makes it more functional and useful. In other words, you will save more money from buying bulky storage and make the kitchen looks less stuffy from the big furniture.

So, just look around your kitchen and see if there’s an empty wall that you can use as additional storage. If you find one, just pick the best idea that suits the condition of your kitchen and start making an attractive kitchen wall now!

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